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My name is Debbie Agnew. Together with my husband Tom, we own and operate Bella at Home. We are located at 62 South Main Street in Waynesville Ohio. We offer rustic home decor and silk and dried floral arrangements and wreaths made from our own original designs. We hope you enjoy reading our blog. Here you will find stories and photos from when we first started this journey and as it continues. Thanks for allowing us to share with you.

Monday, June 11, 2012

New display pieces!

I love changing things around in my store and I love trying to come up with new ways to display our merchandise. However, due to the small space we have, sometimes this can be a challenge. After making a call to my friend Dawn, she came over to my store and gave me some wonderful suggestions and also gave me an idea on where to obtain some new display pieces. So one Friday evening Tom and I climbed into our truck and headed out. After an hour or so of shopping we came up with 4 new pieces to bring into our store. The first piece was a post from an old front porch. When we found this our first thought was "what a great display piece for our birdhouses and humingbird feeders!" We totally love the fact that it still has the old house numbers on it. Tom added stakes to it for hanging items and then he and James brought it over to the store. Then I added the houses and feeders...we love it!!! We also bought an old door. The only thing it needed was a good cleaning and then it was ready to be brought over. We decided to use the door in-between our two tables as a wall to hang wreaths and swags. I love the cozy feeling it adds to our store. We still have a table hutch and a pair of shutters to paint. I can't wait to bring them over next!

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